Glo: Small Batch Body Oil (RELAX)

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This is such a luxurious batch of body oil that is truly Farm to Skin. On a trip to Washington, I visited a small farm called Fleur de Provence which allowed me to source directly from Maggie Smith, the grower and distiller. Maggie is so passionate about growing lavender, roses, rose geranium, and so many more brilliant botanicals for the sake of healing and sharing the beauty of God's country and mother earth. Her farm was like a rainbow of blooming flowers everywhere we looked! Wondering if the oil is organic? Maggie grows without the use of chemicals entirely in a way that preserves the healing qualities of her lavender plants. While she is not certified USDA organic, her farm is chemical free out of sheer love and concern for the land. The base oil is Camelina Oil from a small grower in Montana (Biomega3) named Bill. Camelina oil is soon to surpass fish oil in its omega 3 fame. It is grown and cold pressed here in Montana preserving its high vitamin E and Omega 3 content and is known for its anti inflammatory properties which protect the skin and body from sun damage, help to regenerate new healthy skin cells and calm dry irritated skin. 

The scent of this oil is reminiscent of freshly cut grass and a freshly snipped bouquet of crisp and floral it instantly transports you to the purple hills of Fleur de Provence!

The gentle qualities of lavender are appropriate for pregnant women and children alike. An excellent oil for alleviating eczema, rashes and regenerating healthy new skin cells without damaging effects.

Ingredients: Marula oil,  sunflower seed oil, Lavender essential oil (from the Grossa variety of lavender)

4oz glass bottle with pump